It is a new way of communicating with your customers that allows you to take advantage of technology to your favor, emitting a clear, interesting and precise message. It is a medium or external communication medium, where you can share your content and advertising messages through the highest technology, thus reaching your consumers through digital screens or static or tactile panels that allow interactivity, located in a certain location that is accessible to the customer.

It also allows the visualization of information and facilitates the interaction of content, which can be transmitted in real time, so it is possible to change the messages in time and form, to achieve a greater impact. With external digital media, it’s possible to boost your sales and improve the communication of your brand, making the message easier to hear and more effective.


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Brands can adapt their messages to a specific audience without barriers of time or space, and also change their promotions in a matter of seconds depending on external conditions or the type of consumer. The revolutionary audience measurement systems that incorporate Digital Signage solutions are also capable of recognizing how many people and for how long they have looked at an ad, they allow you to report on the sex, age, and racial traits of the consumer you are in front of your advertisement and the response to it.

Why choose Digital Signage or Dynamic Marketing? There is relevant data that justifies the commitment to digital dynamic systems. Social habits and technology work as a driver of change: the consumer spends more time away from home than sitting in front of a television or on the Internet, which gives a leading role to outdoor advertising and the point of sale, means considered as inevitable but with low percentages of advertising investment because, until today, its high costs in its traditional version. Digital technology overcomes all barriers to date. And, derived from the above, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 75% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, displays and dynamic increase sales by 83%.