According to Staples, commercializing company of office supplies, only 90 seconds are necessary to the client to build an opinion about a business or company, and just by observing the logo. That is how important is the role of who is in charge to create all the designs for your company or business, thus at the time to hire your future graphic designer you should consider the following facts:

1. Previous work

A lot of times we get carried away for the agencies or brands for those where the designer already had worked before than the quality that they show us on their Book. Let’s not forget that many designers have not had the opportunity to work for biggest companies, but that not limits their creative ability.

2. Personal projects

Besides of presenting their previous work on their Book, the designer takes his own time to include pieces from personal projects which are sign of initiative and creativity. It is important to acknowledge this kind of skills at the time to consider hiring a possible designer for your business or company.

3. Team work

Is known that graphic designers works mostly alone, but if there is not a good communication between the designer and the work team it could bring problems to the work environment, and so as the results and work from the designer and at the point to develop the needs of your business or company.

4. Style

This is one of the most important facts to consider, because you will need that the graphic designer could fit to the needs and demands of your business. In this profession they are different fields of work as a multimedia designer, web and editorial design, the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and many others. So is important to evaluate the characteristics and interests of you company and compare them with the skills of your next designer, so you have make sure to take the right choice for you and for your business.