The digital screens are one of the most used technological tools to promote products and services thanks to their modernity and innovation; without no doubt, these screens will help you to position the quality and image of your business.

The digital screens are, without a doubt, one of the top advertising strategies on these days. It’s about a support through they emit digital content and can be placed, literally, everywhere; a very common example could be digital signage which, regularly, used these screen system as a transmission medium. The popularity and effectiveness of this new advertising tool has been the top one used not only by leading companies, but small local business is now adopting this technology on their establishments.

Advantages on the using digital screens

One of the advantages most notable about using digital screens as an advertising tool is the easy interaction between the clients and the control of choosing how much information the clients would get in a certain time and space, updating and modifying the content and adjusting to the necessities of your business. A lot of bars and restaurants use these screens systems to let know their offers or recommendations, leaving behind blackboards and traditional menus.

Besides this screen system is the ideal way to advertise your products and services, they show modernity and innovation. A business that counts with these advertising tools results newest and more attractive to the public, and highlighting the qualities of the products. Another advantage of using digital screens is to produce new revenues with others business publicity.

How convenient is to use a digital screen as an advertising strategy?

According to the IV study from the Digital Signage IAB, performed in Spain, this kind of advertising affects the 55% purchase process by the consumers. This study also points out that seeing advertising on the street influences the purchase by 41% and this invites to have the product in mind about the 34%, and also about the 28% of the population said to have some kind of useful information and/or this advertising led them look for more information about the product. Also is important to say that using digital advertising reflects modernity and innovation to the consumers in a 90% and a 80% as originality, besides the brands and products that are advertising by this media build a better image in a 91% and they are remembered more than the other ones in a 71%.