Sponsoring Events Generates Value for your Business

Sponsoring an Event supports the commercial objectives of your Brand or Company, and generates Value for your Business.

Your main objective in the event is to obtain potential prospects, and convert them into clients. But, being a sponsor gives you the opportunity to show attendees who your brand and your business really are.

Based on the Trade Show Sponsorship Survey conducted by the specialized magazine Exhibitor, the vast majority of marketers (over 200 interviews) currently invest in sponsorships.

If your company’s business goals include:

  • Provide support to sales.
  • Build the brand.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Enhance the image.
  • Manage customer relationships.
  • Equity…

Sponsoring events should be part of your overall exhibit strategy!

Event sponsorships (like trade shows) offer many proven opportunities to expand your company’s visibility before, during and after the exhibition.

Sponsorships also offer additional communication channels to increase personal interaction, and improve product/service awareness with the entire event audience, not just those who visit your booth.

Two notable research references support the value of investing in sponsorships the event:

1. Event marketing offers the highest Return On Investment (ROI), followed by advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, and Internet advertising. Source: MPI.

2. Booth efficiency increases 104% when sponsorship is included in the exhibit plan. Source: CEIR.

Sponsorships have recall and persuasive effects, like traditional advertising. Sponsorships, however, operate on different cognitive processes: Advertising changes the perception of a specific product or service, while sponsorship changes the perception of the sponsor.

In our next blog, find the 4 keys to strategically select the sponsorships of the event aligned to the objectives and strategies of your business, brand or product.

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