It is confirmed that the human brain captures and processes visual information in a faster way that any other kind of message, therefore photography has become one of the most important advertising tools and with more effectiveness in the advertising world.

Advertising photography was born with the purpose of advertise, let us know and sell a product, however, it has been changing according with the demand and competitiveness of the market, therefore a lot of advertising brands day by day they are reinvent the use of photography in their campaigns.


What do you have to do to make sure that your advertising photography will be a success?

First, you need to attract the public’s attention. Create an attractive and remarkable photo, that it doesn’t go unnoticed, and above all, that the image will be remembered. It’s important that the photo shows the main idea, because if the message is not clear it could cause more harm than something positive to your advertising campaign; remember that the purpose of the image is to stimulate the idea of buying or taking a service, and to be able to give a good impression, which is primordial.

Exist many photography and production resources that would make your advertising photography a success, and so as the subjective message that would bring values to the product. An example of this recourse, which is one of the most used, consists of the use of a metaphor that will compare what we see with the characteristics that we would like to give to our product or service.

A Selfie used as an advertising strategy?

The popular selfie concept has gone from being a daily act to become to one of the newest advertising tools in the market. This is because of the campaigns that they are adapting themselves to the life style of the consumers, taking the attention of a determined market sector: the millennials.

One of the clearest examples, where this new advertising strategy is used, is in the makeup industry. According to Fabrizio Freda, CEO of Estée Lauder, the millennials consumers are attracted to this kind of advertising photography because they are looking for getting an image adequate to be portrayed as a selfie.